What are people saying?

Some of our participants share their experience of the HEAL-D programme…

HEAL-D Participants:

I was privileged to attend and be a part of this program. It made such a difference and impact in my life. If you need to understand how to live and enjoy your life with diabetes, I encourage you to get on this program”
To live well with my condition and still be my authentic self, honouring the culture and traditions of my heritage”
Going into the HEAL-D program, initially I felt like, okay, here we go again. Same old, same old…I thought it was just a generic program where things would just go over your head…but then the way it was tailored and presented, it had a great impact.”
The course was relatable food that has been with us for generations. I could see them in the booklet, all the stuff I eat…it was relatable and that changed everything. I felt understood. I felt cared for.”
HEAL-D gives you courage to move on. It makes you aware that your life is yours…so you are determined to do what you can to live the life you [were] put here to live.”
I was able to gain lots of experience from people, lots of tips, and I was also able to give back and that's something that I really did enjoy.”
It was that peer support, just having other like minded people. I mean, the sessions were just wonderful, the support that I got from everyone on the programme.”
It was good to learn that you can change things by the way you cook. All the visual representation was good as well. What was great was that it wasn’t just about diabetes, it was holistic. So you don’t just manage the condition, you think about the other things that it can impact, such as blood pressure, eyes, and HbA1c.”

Hear the experience of the HEAL-D facilitators too:

HEAL-D Facilitator:

Honestly this is just the most incredible programme! … the way it has been designed is absolutely fantastic… I love the positivity and relaxed environment, the step-by-step approach and how practical the course is. And then to see all the amazing results on top of all of this! Feel so happy to be a part of the team.”