Living with Diabetes

Diabetes can bring lots of ups and downs, but it is manageable. There are lots of ways you can deal with it and things you can do to help care for yourself and stay healthy. The HEAL-D programme has been designed to help you with this. It can be hard to know where to look for reliable information about diabetes.

On this page you will find useful information, help-sheets and videos.

‘Diabetes Explained’ | Video

‘Diabetes – It’s in your hands’ | Video

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What is HEAL-D?

  • HEAL-D stands for Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyles for Diabetes.
  • It is a group-based type 2 diabetes training and support programme.
  • It aims to give you information and support to be confident in taking control of your type 2 diabetes.
  • It is culturally tailored for adults of African and Caribbean heritage. 

HEAL-D is:

  • 7 weekly group-based sessions of two hours each
  •  Nutrition coaching and cooking workshops
  • Physical activity classes that are suitable for all abilities
  •  Information and support sessions focused on diabetes, blood pressure and heart health
  • Using what you learn to live a healthier life


  • HEAL-D sessions are welcoming, informal and supportive
  •  A family member or friend is welcome to attend with you for support
  • You can learn from others and join in with discussions
  •  If you have any ideas, tips or success stories you can share these throughout the sessions
  • You can set yourself goals for your health and receive help and support to achieve them

People who have attended HEAL-D have told us:

I didn't have the support until I came to this group…all of the things that I learned here I wouldn't have known before. So it's really taken me positive to the next level and next journey of my life, living with diabetes”
Meeting the people, everybody's in the same boat and how we all can learn and be together on this. It was the support we got from each other as well”
What I really liked about coming to this class was the amount of information we had access to, the practical tips and guidance that was given”

Eating well

When you have diabetes what you eat (and drink) plays a big part in managing your blood sugar. Your weight and shape can also affect your diabetes.

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Keeping active

Keeping physically active is an important part of helping you stay healthy. There are lots of ways to keep active – from gardening and walking to exer

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How do I book on to HEAL-D?

If you live in south London you can join the HEAL-D programme in the following ways:

Professional Referral

Ask your GP, nurse or healthcare professional to refer you to HEAL-D via the Diabetes Book & Learn platform.

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Self Referral

Call Diabetes Book & Learn on 0203 474 5500 and ask to book onto the HEAL-D programme

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