Eating Well

Fruit and vegetables displayed together on a table. HEAL-D

When you have diabetes what you eat (and drink) plays a big part in managing your blood sugar. Your weight and shape can also affect your diabetes.

You can still eat all the foods you love but giving your body the right fuel and the right amount of fuel is important to help your blood sugar and to support a healthy body and heart. The HEAL-D programme will give you the tools to help you to do this.

We have to make changes. We can still enjoy our food, enjoy our culture, but we have to make the positive changes for our long-term benefit”



Diabetes Friendly Cooking | Jerk Chicken

Diabetes Friendly Cooking | Air-fried plantain

Diabetes Friendly Cooking | Homemade, low-salt ‘green seasoning’

Help sheets

The HEAL-D help-sheets and videos have been written with input from the HEAL-D community of participants, community leaders and healthcare professionals.

Other resources

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How do I book on to HEAL-D?

If you live in south London you can join the HEAL-D programme in the following ways:

Professional Referral

Ask your GP, nurse or healthcare professional to refer you to HEAL-D via the Diabetes Book & Learn platform.

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Self Referral

Call Diabetes Book & Learn on 0203 474 5500 and ask to book onto the HEAL-D programme

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