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HEAL-D (Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyles for Diabetes) is a group-based type 2 diabetes training and support programme. It is culturally tailored for adults of African and Caribbean heritage. It helps and motivates people to achieve diet and lifestyle goals through the development of self-management skills.

HEAL-D was developed to address inequalities in type 2 diabetes self-management programme attendance and outcomes among black African and Caribbean adults and to be sensitive to the needs of the NHS, as well as of people living with type 2 diabetes.

HEAL-D uses evidence-based type 2 diabetes guidelines for diet and lifestyle management and is underpinned by robust behaviour change theory.

When developed, co-design methods were used to identify the optimal structure, format and methods of delivery; and to determine appropriate adaptations to ensure content is culturally sensitive. HEAL-D continues to be developed in partnership with people living with type 2 diabetes of African and Caribbean heritage.

HEAL-D meets Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) standards for structured education.

HEAL-D aims to provide information and support to be confident in taking control of type 2 diabetes and help on the journey towards health. It includes learning to give the body the right fuel, being active and making sure the body is in the right shape to support diabetes management.

  • There are seven sessions over seven weeks.
  • Each session is two hours.
  • Each session covers a different topic, for example in one session the focus is on starchy foods and in another the focus is blood pressure.
  • The course brings together a small group of people who have all got diabetes so they can share experiences and learn from one another, as well as receiving advice from the dietitian and community facilitator.
  • Over the seven sessions everything people need to know is covered in detail and there are lots of opportunities to ask questions so that participants feel really confident in the advice.
  • Family members and friends are welcome to attend and help.
  • The sessions also include physical activity classes to give a chance to try out lots of different types of activity and understand the sorts of activities that can be done to help diabetes. The classes are designed so that they are suitable for ALL ABILITIES, including people with disabilities or mobility issues e.g. chair-based exercises.

Why is HEAL-D different?

HEAL-D has been designed in partnership with people living with type 2 diabetes from African and Caribbean communities, healthcare professionals and community leaders. The course focuses on advice about relevant cultural foods and other aspects of diabetes.

How do I refer?

HEAL-D is only available to residents living and registered with a GP in south London.

If you are not in south London please get in touch with us here.

Referrals to HEAL-D are done through the Diabetes Book & Learn service which provides a single place to book onto type 2 diabetes education courses in south London.  

Primary Care referrals to HEAL-D can be made using the Diabetes Book & Learn referral form within DXS, EMIS or Vision. Once fully completed the form should be emailed to

Healthcare professionals can also refer via the webform at .

or contact the call centre on 020 3474 5500

Referral top tip: To help manage referral please record your patient’s ethnicity, whether your patient would like to attend HEAL-D; and whether they are looking for more information or to book. Please state this on the referral form in the additional information section.

Patients can also self-refer for a course by phoning 0203 474 5500 or by booking online.

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Talk to your patients about HEAL-D and refer them

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How do I book on to HEAL-D?

If you live in south London you can join the HEAL-D programme in the following ways:

Professional Referral

Ask your GP, nurse or healthcare professional to refer you to HEAL-D via the Diabetes Book & Learn platform.

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Self Referral

Call Diabetes Book & Learn on 0203 474 5500 and ask to book onto the HEAL-D programme

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